Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stingrays and Squid two story foyer chandelier(with squid spotlights)

Stan Harmon- 3 Stingrays & Squids foyer chandelier
(Squid spotlights)

Stan Harmon -3 Stingrays and Squids two story foyer light close-up

Stan Harmon- Stingrays with Squid spotlights two story foyer chandelier 

Stan Harmon-Stingrays with Squid spotlights entrance foyer chandelier
(second story view)

Stan Harmon-Stingrays with Squid spotlights two story entrance foyer chandelier fixture-close-up


  1. I saw your work in Beaufort and love it. Not only are they beautifully fabricated, the details are delightful. I know it sounds hokey, but each piece had an aura of joy. Good work!

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